Wimbledon grass courts

A new Wimbledon show court, the first in over a decade, will be built opposite the existing Wimbledon complex, in the grounds of Wimbledon Park Golf Course, which the All England Club (AELTC) recently acquired. This new “Parkland” court will have a capacity for 8,000 spectators, a retractable roof, and will be built in a clearing of ancient oak trees.

The purchase of Wimbledon Park Golf Club by the AELTC in 2018 triples the land now available to the Club.

In addition to the new show court the AELTC plans to build another 38 grass courts within the former golf club site, almost doubling the club’s overall capacity. The main motivation is to bring the qualifying event to the main Wimbledon site as soon as possible, which is currently held in Roehampton. These new grass courts could host qualifying as early as 2028. The AELTC has yet to determine when visitors to The Championship will be able to cross into the new area.

The tree population on the new area will be doubled and will incorporate a lakeside walk. This promises to be a charming and substantial addition to the world’s greatest tennis tournament, without diluting Wimbledon’s essential mission statement of “Tennis in an English garden”.